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What to Expect the Day of Your Shoot

Click “play” on the video player for a quick look at what to expect on the day of your video shoot. Check out the tips below, too – two good ways to ensure a smooth production!

Making the Most of Your Video Shoot

Creating a WebVid™ is fun and easy. A few simple things to keep in mind for the day of your shoot -

Ready, Steady, Go. Review Premiere's production questionnaire. Refresh your memory about key points you want customers to know and the other production items covered.

You’re among friends. Address the camera as if you’re talking to a friend. If you’re very anxious about being on camera, consider an alternate spokesperson.

Calling Wardrobe! Dress in work-appropriate clothing, preferably in neutral colors. Avoid white, black, red, bold patterns/stripes, and big logos.

Setting the Stage. Dress the “set” appropriately, too! If featuring merchandise, prepare for its display. If an office environment, make sure it’s tidy. If you’re an inventor, some creative clutter is fine!

Going on Location. If your company’s work is performed in the field and we are shooting at a job site, confirm the site is ready and any required permissions secured.

Back Story. The video will use what’s called “B roll,” background shots without sound that help illustrate the
story. Make sure everyone participating, and the settings,
are ready!

Web Video Process