Our Three-Step Process: Create. Deploy. Attract.

How would you like your message to cut through clutter and get to your prime potential customers, with absolutely no media costs? What would it mean to your business if you could eliminate the expense of buying print ads, broadcast time on TV or radio, billboards, or other media, and yet reach more prospects than ever before? In a time of economic uncertainty and pressure to control costs, why would you continue to use traditional media when a better, cheaper, and faster way to reach customers is available? The fact is, you can achieve all these objectives today with Premiere Creative.

Conducting a successful WebVid campaign is a three-step process

  1. Create the video: plan, shoot, edit and prepare the video for
    distribution on the Web.
  2. Deploy the video: utilize multiple sites throughout the Web
    and tag your video for maximum search-engine linkage.
  3. Attract the customer: maximize and retain viewership through
    ongoing search-engine optimization.

Web Video Create Web Video Deploy Web Video Attract

Making sure your WebVid is seen all across the Internet.

The most obvious place to post your Web video is on your company's site - but it's far
from the most effective deployment. The explosive growth in the popularity of Web
videos has led to the creation of more than a score of public video posting sites. Posting
a video on multiple sites - with minor revisions in the video content for each posting -
enables it to reach finely tuned target demographics, vastly increases viewership, and
elevates the perception of the video from an advertisement to entertainment or
information programming, further boosting the power of your message.
Premiere Creative knows how to take advantage of these multiple posting opportunities,
and the revisions of content across these sites, to maximize the reach of your WebVid™.