About WebVids

Let Premiere Creative help you harness the power of Web video, the new, powerful communication vehicle that is revolutionizing the world of advertising and promotion. WebVids™ can get your company's message to a much larger audience than traditional media can deliver, at a fraction of the cost. Premiere Creative, a Web video pioneer, can show you how!

Get Your Message Out

  • Since 2005, Web video viewership has been growing more
    than 100% annually.
  • More than half of all Web traffic today is short-form video.
  • More than half of the U.S. population watches such videos.
  • Americans watch an average of more than 33.2 billion online
    videos per month.
  • The average Web video viewer watches more than 80 online
    videos per month.
(Sources: Interactive Advertising Bureau; emarketer; comScore.)